Learn Modelling or Acting skills in your school holidays

Be introduced to the world of modelling by joining our School Holiday Workshops.

The Workshops are held in alternate school breaks (January and July) and are a fun and informative introduction to the weekly classes held throughout the year.

Grooming, Deportment & Modelling Workshop

A personal development workshop with an introduction to runway modelling.

Beginners 1-day workshop for girls 8-17 years


  • Posture & Deportment
  • Skincare & Make-up
  • Nailcare & Haircare
  • Table Manners
  • Basic Runway Technique
Fee: $125.00

Acting Workshop

A 3 hour workshop conducted for children 8-12 years and teenagers 13-17 years and offers a fun and informative way to introduce participants to basic acting skills.


  • Voice
  • Movement & Space
  • Ensemble Work
  • Improvisation
  • Listening & Reacting
  • Scene Creation & Script Work
Fee: $60.00