Model Masterclass for teens and adults 16+ years

Do you dream of a career in modelling? Our Two-Day Masterclass has been meticulously designed to help turn those dreams into reality. However, this course is not just for aspiring models – it’s open to anyone interested in building confidence and acquiring valuable skills.

We’re in an era of diversity, where models of all ages, genders, global ethnicities, shapes and sizes are gracing campaigns. At Chadwick Models, we’re always scouting for fresh faces to join our Model Board and commercial Casting Division.

This comprehensive course spans two consecutive Sundays. On Day-One, you’ll delve into the fundamental basics of modelling, while Day-Two builds on style, presence, and performance. Throughout these two days, you’ll also gain insights into industry protocols and information, preparing you for the next steps in your modelling journey. As a bonus, you’ll receive a Chadwick Handbook containing course lesson notes to keep, along with the exciting opportunity to join our commercial Casting Division.


Model Masterclass Course: $600.00 (Including GST)

Duration: Two days from 9:30am to 4:30pm


Day-Three is your golden opportunity to shine in the spotlight. This optional but highly recommended photoshoot is designed to replicate a professional model’s test shoot, where you get to step into the role of a model and work with top industry creative professionals.

It’s a chance to translate your newfound skills into stunning images that will form the foundation of your modelling portfolio. This unique experience not only enhances your practical modelling skills but also boosts your confidence in front of the camera. Don’t miss this chance to capture your potential and take a tangible step in elevating your modelling journey.


  • Price: $525.00 (Including GST)